Asset Finder PRO (v1.7.14)


Is this the tool for me?

Would you like to speed up level building?

Do you sometimes have a hard time finding the asset/script file you are looking for?

Do you have a number of assets it would be great to have at the tip of your fingers?

If any of the above applies, then Asset Finder PRO is the tool for you!

What does it do?

Asset Finder PRO is a tool that will ease your daily workflow building content and levels. This is done in 3 distinct ways:

1: A comprehensive automatic history of all the assets you have been using recently, which allows you to quickly find the things you use the most.

2: A list of your own favorites for easy access (Both folders and individual assets)

3: A list of all the prefabs being used in current scene. That allows you to quickly find anything often used in a specific scene.

These 3 methods will allow you to speed up your level building and content creation, and not spend time searching through obscure folders to find the assets you need.

Does it support multiple users?

Asset Finder PRO is built to support multi-user development, automatically creating custom favorites for each team member, while also supporting a painless version control workflow.

You are also able to copy favorites from other profiles, allowing for shared profiles that multiple team members can benefit from.


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Asset Version (v1.7.14)

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