Animated Mangrove Snake (4.19+)


Computer generated animated mangrove snake, created to match the reptile’s real world scale, shape, skin scales and colours as accurately as possible. The pack includes an FK rig for key frame animation and poses and an IK rig for animation along a spline. You will need to do the spline path setup in your 3D application.

The models are rigged with bones only. A low poly and poly art versions of the snake are provided for use in mobile game development or other real time applications where optimal vertex count is vital. The 3ds Max and Maya files do not include the lowpoly and poly Art versions. Rigged and animated models are provided in Cinema 4D R16, Lightwave 9.2, fbx 2011 (7.1), 3ds Max 2014, Maya 2014, Unity 3D 5.5 and Unreal Engine 4 version 4.19 and above.

Preview images were rendered in Cinema4D R16 with Redshift version 2.5.32. Preview scenes of the high poly model set up for rendering with Redshift version 2.5.32 are included. The HDRI map used in scene set up is not provided due to copyright concerns. However, a pdf document with link to the free hdri image is in the zipped readme file.The pdf document also contains the complete animation list.

The mouth can be opened with blend shapes but if you want to animate the tongue while the mouth is open, you have to use the jaw and tongue bones instead.

3 model versions (High Poly/Low Poly/Poly Art)
27 animations
Animation List:
Crawl – [4] Crawl_Forward [2] Death – [3] Idle – [5] Strike – [5] Get_hit – [3] Turn_Left – [2] Turn_Right – [2] Blend shapes
4K texture maps
Texure Resolutions:
4k, 2k (Poly Art)
Texture Maps Included:
Normal Map
Vertex counts of characters:
High Poly: 6352 polygons, 5349 verts
Low Poly/Poly Art: 2749 polygons, 2551 verts


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Asset Version (4.19+)

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