Animalia – Starter Kit (4.23, 4.27)


Realistic Gray Wolf, Brown Bear, Red Deer, American Bison, Fox, Raccoon, Rat and Spider with animations authored at 60fps, 4K textures, 2K textures (fox, raccoon, rat, spider) and bone meshes (wolf, bear, deer, bison).

male Gray Wolf model
male Brown Bear
male Red Deer
male American Bison
male Fox
male Raccoon
bone meshes (wolf, bear, deer, bison)
Animations authored at 60 fps
All animations available with and without the root motion
4K Textures (wolf, bear, deer, bison)
2K Textures (fox, raccoon, rat, spider)
gFur support
Maya and 3ds Max animation rigs
Ragdoll setup

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: No
Animated: Yes
Number of Characters: 12
Vertex Counts of Characters: bison 8212 (bone mesh 14977), bear 6111 (bone mesh 16617), wolf 9563 (bone mesh 16874), red deer 5587 (bone mesh 14958), raccoon 3891, fox 4267, rat 3469, spider 3528
Texture Resolutions: 4K (wolf, bear, deer, bison), 2K (fox, raccoon, rat, spider)
Number of Animations: 649 (not counting In-place)
Animation Types: Root Motion and In-place
Supported Development Platforms: All
Supported Target Build Platforms: All


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Asset Version (4.13, 4.27)

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