Ambient Video Game Music – Science Fiction 3 (wav)


Dive into the extraordinary with our collection of 10 uniquely crafted ambient sound packs, designed specifically for the innovative world of game development. Each pack is a carefully constructed sonic narrative that invites your players to explore the fascinating realms of science fiction.

Our collection is meticulously arranged into 10 distinct themes, each constructed to shape the mood of your scenes and stimulate players’ engagement. Experience the chilling echoes of a far-flung space station, the haunting gusts of an alien world, or the pulsating rhythm of a future-tech metropolis. Whether you’re building an immersive RPG, a tense sci-fi shooter, or a complex strategy game, our soundscapes provide the perfect backdrop for your players’ adventures.

These science fiction ambience packs are produced with a deep understanding of sound design and the specific needs of game developers. We employ a wide range of synthetic and sampled sounds, creating captivating and distinctive sonic environments. The delicate blend of electronic tones, layered drones, and resonant echoes creates an immersive aural experience that will elevate your game’s audio landscape.

Enhance your gaming universe with the uncanny resonance of a distant space colony, navigate the electric hues of a dystopian city, or unveil the mysteries of alien civilizations. Let our collection of 10 science fiction ambient sound packs serve as the foundation of your game’s sonic identity. With this audio arsenal at your disposal, you can transport your players into the uncharted frontiers of the cosmos, straight from the comfort of their gaming console. Elevate the gaming experience, and resonate with the future – all within the vast expanses of your gaming world.

This pack contains 10 tracks that are each 3 minutes long for a total 30 minutes of audio

Music Preview 1:

Music Preview 2:

Music Preview 3:

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Technical Details

Sample rate / bit rate: (48,000 Hz)

Do Sound FX loop: (No)

Minutes of audio provided: 30 minutes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)


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