Advanced Locomotion Component v2 / v1.5 (5.0, 5.1, 5.2)


Main Features:
It can be integrated into any existing project.
No need to inherit from a parent character class, just add component in the character blueprint and it’s done.
Support for both UE4 and UE5 skeletons.
Adding and modifying animations, as well as changing character speeds, can all be done simply through the use of DataTables, making it easy to manage a large number of animations.
The logic of animation states no longer needs to be done in ABP. Simply configure the animations for each state, and switch states as needed in any BP.
Other animsets from the marketplace are also supported, with assets such as Kubold, GhostSamurai_Bow, and Paragon already tested [Youtube] (more animsets will be tested in the future, and related tutorials will be created).
Very flexible animation configuration that can meet most requirements. All animations in the showcase project are completed through configuration.
You can adjust the animation of each pose by adding Anim Override.
Anim Override allows you to create different movement animations using fewer animations.

This asset includes lightweight combat components, it is built on an Event-driven architecture(Wiki) (Blueprint Only).

Using components and events instead of interfaces and parent classes can lead to better decoupling
No need to know the specific type of the Actor anymore, as everything is treated as an Actor type, completely avoiding the use of type conversions (Cast to XXX).
When a value or state changes, all listeners are notified through an event dispatch mechanism to avoid using Event Tick

Components included:
Used to manage weapon switching
Health:manages character’s health, damage taken, and death
HUD:used to create and remove widget and dispatch events to widget
AbilitiesManager:registers, unregisters, and get abilities
Ability:manages ability cooldowns and triggers
Bow:a universal bow solution that manages the state of the bow.
Event:used for communication between BP
Montage:used to play replicated montage and receive animation notify in any place.
Team:used to assign teams to characters
Weapon:Used for melee attack trace and management of some basic properties.

All of the above components implement the most basic functions and are not coupled to each other. Therefore, you are free to usd and extend them as you wish.

Technical Details
This asset contains portions of content from the following assets provided by Epic (which can only be used within Unreal Engine, according to epic policies)
Lyra Starter Game (Animations)
Valley of the Ancient (LightDart Effects & Echo Animations)
Paragon-Sparrow (Weapon + Animations)
Paragon-Greystone (Weapon + Animations)
Dependent plugins (Free Epic official plugins)
Animation Locomotion Library
Animation Warping
Audio Modulation
Number of Blueprints: 60
Input: (Keyboard, Mouse)
Network Replicated: (Yes)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)


Download Links:

Asset Version v2 (5.2)



Asset Version v1.5 (5.0, 5.1)



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