Action Music Vol. IV (4.20+)


The Action Music Vol. IV pack focuses on powerful hybrid orchestral music in the style of today’s biggest blockbuster war films and games. Featuring complex production techniques, thunderous brass and string sections, loud choirs, analogue synths and both huge acoustic and electronic percussion sounds, this pack will provide your games with an outstanding heroic, over the top, feel.

The pack includes 5 original tracks, as well as a total of 39 loops based on the original tracks (long loops for simple use and short loops for custom/complex music layering). A 15 sec. preview of each main track is available on Soundcloud:

Technical Details

Number of Audio Tracks: 44

Number of Audio Cues: 44

Sample Rate\Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Does Music\Audio Loop: Yes

Minutes of Audio Provided: 32

Intended Platforms: All


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Asset Version (4.20+)

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