2D Modular Cards KIT (v1.0)


2D Modular Cards for build your dream designs. Perfect for making an old style card games. Included animations of special effects to give life to the project.

This Package contains 9 sprites sheets of a 2D Modular Cards and Items that is suitable for Card games.

The texture size is 128×128 including animation safe frame.

The true resolution is roughly around 120×120 (depending on animation frame).


  • 51 Special effects animations.
  • 30 Variations of the back panel.
  • 30 Variations of the front panel.
  • 18 Variations of decorative frames.
  • 36 Variations of decorative shadow masks.
  • 12 Variations of text ribons.
  • 36 Variatons of 16×16 Icons.
  • 12 Variations of Text frames crystals.
  • 72 Variations of flags.
  • 12 Variations of text box.
  • 12 Variations of picture frames.
  • 36 Variations of decorative crystals.
  • 75 Unique items for helping to create your firts cards.

Technical details


Transparency PNG



51 Sprite Sheets of varied animations (14 sprites each)

Modular Cards (4 sprites sheets):

Back body 1 sprite sheet (30 sprites).

Front body 1 sprite sheet (30 sprites).

Frames 1 sprite sheet (30 sprites).

Effects 1 sprite sheet (36 sprites).

Ornaments 1 sprite sheet (60 sprites).

Details (216 sprites).

Elements (54 sprites).

Items samples (75 sprites).

Icons (36 sprites).


Pixel art based.


All animations are configured and ready to use.

This is just sprites and pre-build Modules with pre configured Prefabs on a demo scene. No code included.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/gui/2d-modular-cards-kit-230580

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0)

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