1980 – MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 – Part III)


Thanks to modular architectural elements and a huge library of old school, you’ll mount the unique game world in the 80s’ atmosphere, the producers of movies and games come back more and more eagerly.

High-quality lowpoly retro collection with 3 steps of LOD`s and Handmade colliders ready to use on Unity Engine!

Above 95x Interior modular and tileable assets:

– Modular interior walls for all rooms-37x

– Modular exterior walls -17x

– Walls With wallpapper texture for all rooms-21x (Kitchen, ChildRoom, YoutRoom)

– Walls with doors for all rooms-17x

– Walls with windows for all rooms-17x

– Main Walls with solid colors for all rooms(red, blue, green, noir)-17x

– Floor,roof,ceiling-4x, wall corners (connectors)-5x, columns-3x

– Masking elements for the walls joins and edges-6x

166x Props

– VideoPosters, Pennants, GameBox, Clothes, Curtains, Carpets, Cardboxes, Books, Posters,

Rugs, KitchenTools, Lamps, Mops, Planks, Plates, Baseball bats, Bagpacks, Cameras, Caps, Clocks, Cups, Cushions, Notepads, Telephones, Thermoses, Knives, Newspapers, Tea boxes, ScoopTools???? Trays, Light Switches

97x Furniture with elements (doors, drawers, schelves)

-Beds, Bookshelves, Drawers, Desks, Tv shelves, Tables, Bookcases, Wardrobes, Wall cupboards, Armchairs, Seats

16x Computer

– Amiga Game Boxes, Commodore Monitors, Commodore Recorders, Computer keyboards, Atari2600, Computer Mouses , Mouse Mats, Joysticks, Amiga Diskette Boxes, Amiga Diskettes

6x Game Console

– GameBoy, SuperNintendo Pad, SuperNintendo Cartridge, Nintendo Pad, Zapper

39x Toy

– BoardGames, Telescope, Robots, Walkie Talkie,Apache, 2xChattery Teeth, Basketball ball, Baseball bat, Skateboard, Ping Pong Paddle, Ping Pong Ball, Vehicles

28x Collection

– Clip frames with movie poster, Movie Posters, Pennants, Vinyls, Road Signes (Stop,Kangaroo)

10x RTV

-Walkmans, HeadPhones, Cassettes, Radio Alarm Clocks, Cameras, Tv’s, Cassette Recorders

36x Food

-Fruit, Soups, Yoghurt, FishCans, Bottles, Eggs, Bread, Sandwiches

8x Container

-Baskets, Bowls, Drawers

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/interior/1980-midpoly-retro-rooms-childroomupdate2021-part-iii-177436

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Asset Version (unknwn)

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